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        Winter Wardrobe Essentials

        Now that arctic temperatures have set in (it’s literally warmer in Antarctica than in Chicago!), I’m pretty much wearing my warmest, most comfortable clothes every day. Here are the winter essentials I can’t live without:

        Winter Essentials1. I only wear this parka when it’s 20 degrees or colder (or I start to sweat), but I don’t know what I’d do without it when it gets to negative temps!

        2. I am constantly putting on and taking off layers, so I’ve been living in hoodies like this one.

        Three things worth the investment: 3. A really warm hat // 4. Mittens that turn into gloves // 5. A big, warm scarf (take 25% off with code TAKE25).

        6. It’s impossible to find boots in January (when you actually need them), so I’m keeping these in mind for next year.

        7. Since I’m always in boots, I also wear skinny pants all winter.  These are my favorites.

        8. Now that it seems to snow almost every day, I’ve switched from a tote to a waterproof bag similar to this one.

        What are your winter must-haves?