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        The Single Girl’s Guide To Valentine’s Day

        A League Of Their Own
        You know what is most annoying about being single on Valentine’s Day? It’s not the weeks of reminders that you’re single leading up to February 14th, but the fact that every restaurant is full of couples — making it virtually impossible to gather your closest also-single friends for dinner at a fun restaurant.

        Here are five alternatives to the restaurant scene:

        1. Party Like It’s 1992 

        Throw on your sweats, dig out your favorite 90s movies and invite your friends to sleepover (or, better yet, have them bring a bottle of wine and leave slightly after midnight). The only real question is, what pairs better with Kim Crawford: Doritos or Cheetos?

        2. Run, Swing or Climb

        Trying a new workout in a social atmosphere is a great way to put your single woes aside and maybe even meet new people. A great (free!) option is Fleet Feet‘s annual Cupid’s Dash fun run at its Old Town store on Friday, February 13 (RSVP here). I’m planning to go – anyone want to join?*

        If running isn’t your thing, grab some friends and reserve a tee time for the night at Fairways or test your rock climbing skills at Brooklyn Boulders, newly opened in the West Loop. (I have been DYING to try rock climbing for months now!  Anyone else?)

        3. Find Comfort In Dating Disasters Even Worse Than Yours

        Have you seen @TinderNightmares on Instagram? It’s hilarious — and eerily accurate. This week, Second City’s UP Comedy Club is bringing online dating disasters to the stage with #DateMe: An OKCupid Experiment. And if you want to add to your own dating disaster story, you can sign up for a “mixer” after the show through OKCupid.*

        4. Shop Your Friends’ Closets

        Let’s face it, we all have things in our closets that are totally wearable — to someone else. Lure your friends to your apartment with promises of wine and cheese and convince them to drag along the best items no longer in their rotation. At the end of the night, you’ll all end up with “new” items to freshen up your wardrobe — for the price of a few bottles of Three Buck Chuck.

        5. Stay In Bed

        If all else fails, buy a bottle of wine, find a book that will make you feel better about the state of your life and crawl into bed.  I’ll be reading this one.