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        Endless Etsy Pillow Combinations

        February 12, 2015 Image via If you follow me on Pinterest or Instagram, you've probably noticed that I have a slight obsession with pillows. Similar to my black shirt / jeans uniform, the furniture anchoring my ...
        E-Designs E-Designs

        A Slightly Nautical Nursery

        February 5, 2015 I have to admit that until I started doing e-designs, I hadn't paid much attention to nurseries, but now I'm about as obsessed as you can be without actually having a kid. I even went into Land of Nod...
        E-Designs E-Designs

        Get The Look: Bookshelves

        January 28, 2015 As I mentioned yesterday, I'm in the midst of helping my mom freshen up the accessories for the built-in unit in my parents' family room. And, as I predicted, she really liked the image with white she...
        E-Designs E-Designs

        A Jungle Nursery

        January 12, 2015 For the past several weeks, I've had an ongoing text conversation (complete with LOTS of screenshots) with one of my good friends about her baby's nursery. We've debated everything from wallpaper (for...