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        Ikea End Table Hack

        End Table After 3
        A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I was in the market for lamps and end tables to book end my couch. I’ve been eyeing these for months, but buying two is out of the question, so I was leaning toward DIYing something like this…. But then, I scored these lamps and decided to come up with a new plan!

        Naturally, I googled “Ikea End Table Hack” to get some ideas and immediately found this version of the PS 2012 side table ($29 each/shown above) and these made over Vittsjo nesting tables ($60 for the set).  I went to Ikea planning to go with the cheaper PS 2012 option.

        End Table BeforeOf course, no DIY can be completely seamless and Ikea only had ONE PS 2012 side table left in the store. I literally walked around the store for an hour debating between buying two sets of the Vittsjo tables for double the price (and being left with two coffee tables I didn’t need) or going to another Ikea to find the extra PS 2012. I ended up going to another store to avoid the hassle of trying to sell the two extra Ikea coffee tables, but I still think the Vittsjo could look really similar to the West Elm nightstand!

        Tip: Recruit a buddy for all aspects of the project — including your trip (or, in my case, trips) to Ikea!

        In the end, I made two tables for under $100 (total) and LOVE how they turned out:

        End Table After 2

        Here is what you’ll need to get the look:

        IKEA PS 2012 Side Table

        Marble Adhesive (One roll was more than enough, but I wish I had ordered two to match the seams better. More on that below.)

        Gold Spray Paint

        Optional: Gold Leaf Kit

        Here’s how I did it:

        Step 1: Assemble the tables. Maybe this is obvious to most people, but I found out the hard way (with another Ikea hack project over the summer) that it takes MUCH longer to spray paint the pieces individually and assemble them afterward than it does to put everything together first.

        Step 2: Spray paint. Again, this is straightforward, but I always make the mistake of spraying too much paint on at once. It comes out much cleaner if you spray a coat, let it dry for 10-15 minutes and re-apply.

        Step 3: Apply marble contact paper. This was actually a lot harder than it looks and (as I found out) requires two people. The technique that worked best was having one person pulling the contact paper taut while also gradually pulling the backing off as the other person pressed down with a towel to smooth out the air bubbles.

        Optional Step 4: My plan was to gold leaf the tables following this tutorial, but I started and it took an hour to apply the gold leaf to two legs of one table… so I gave up, sanded it back down and re-applied spray paint. Although I liked the look of the gold leafing in the inspiration images, in the end, I decided that I was going for the West Elm look and the spray paint alone achieved that.

        How can I help you “finish” your apartment on a budget?