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        A Jungle Nursery

        For the past several weeks, I’ve had an ongoing text conversation (complete with LOTS of screenshots) with one of my good friends about her baby’s nursery. We’ve debated everything from wallpaper (for a feature wall) to light fixtures. She had already ordered these dressers and wanted to include a daybed in addition to the crib. I decided to do an e-design to pick out the finishing touches and to get a sense of how everything would look in the same room. I can’t wait to see how it all comes together!

        Harley's Nursery


        1. Light Fixture // 2. Animal Prints // 3. Dresser // 4. Lamp // 5. Bookshelf // 6. Bookends // 7. Duvet // 8. Sheets // 9. Giraffe // 10. Horns Photo // 11. Daybed // 12. Lion Pillow // 13. Table // 14. Crib // 15. Crib Sheet // Not Numbered: Wallpaper